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U-KISS - Collage Full Album DL + MV
U-KISS - Collage Full Album DL + Standing Still MV
No Mercy Album + MV Download
Big Bang - G-Dragon - One Of A Kind + Crayon MV DL
U-KISS - Dear My Friend Album MP3 Download
U-KISS - Dear My Friend Album MP3 Download


Idol League W/ Z:EA Episode 4 U-KISS Cuts

Mnet Scandal W/ Eli

Star King 2010-03-13 Kevin Cut 

Raising Idol: Dongho 

MBC Weekly Idols 2011[ENG] FULL

MBC Good Day [ENG] FULL w/ Former Members Alexander + Kibum

These are the listing of OUR hard-subs! You're free to repost, however, do NOT modify our videos. Thank you!

~ Next set of subs shall be MBC Good Day

Policy of Re-Posting:
We really can't find a reason that you'd reupload our videos to your account on Youtube, but if you do for whatever reason... Please redirect it back to our original video or website (KPCave.blogspot.com)
To other site owners, please credit us with your posts as KPCave, and not KP1Cave, and redirect back to our site. Do NOT claim these as your subs, we will hunt you down, and of course, we have proof to say that this belonged to us! (The KPC logo on the right) Therefore, don't try anything funky as to remove our credits from the hard-subbed videos.

To request subs

Lately, we've been getting lots of requests regarding videos. Please keep in mind that our team is mostly composed of college students with busy lives (and yes, we actually do have our own social lives). We're not restricted upon where your requests are placed, as long as you obviously address it to us (Since our subbers are scattered and aren't as neat as you think, however, we do keep in close contact and tend to keep things under control). However, there are certain regards to subs:

1) We have the authority to NOT accept to sub any video, for any reason. (for example: we can simply say that such and such are boring, and subbers do not enjoy subbing it)

2) We do not guarantee any exact subtitles (Some of our subbers are not native Korean speakers, some cannot understand Korean, they then search for pre-subbed videos in different languages) We try to not make our subs very 'robotic' (adding some 'feels' to the subtitles actually provide flow to the tone of the original video, thus, it makes subbing more fun to us since we're allowed to be creative =) of course, this doesn't mean that our subs are off course!)

3) We can only sub videos IF the original (RAW) videos are available somewhere. You're free to send them to us =)

4) Feel free to repost our videos on any sites you want since it links back to our channel anyways. There's no need to REUPLOAD our stuff anyways.

5) Of course, DO NOT take our subs for granted and make money off of them! That's considered illegal, since the materials really do not belong to us.

6) As of now, we're only accepting U-KISS subs 

Lastly: DO NOT RUSH SUBBERS! As mentioned, we have busy lives! We try our best to keep some time available, but that does not mean that we spend all day subbing videos. (After all, we're doing this for no profits ) Please show some love for our subbers who spent their quality times in order for us to receive our doses of entertainment =)

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

If anyone are interested to join, contact us! We'll negotiate as how your language knowledge comes in use for subbing in English .We have an incredibly friendly team and would love to add another member to our family :D