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Saturday, August 18, 2012

B2ST- Elle Girl Korea August 2012 Edition + Interview (ENG)

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EG: You guys just came back two days ago from filming your music video in Snew York. How was your time in New York?
YS: There was heat wave, so it was really hot. We were filming under the weather of nearly 37 degrees, so we perspired a lot.
JH: I had rashes all over at the nape, and yet it hasn’t gone away.
DW: Compared to that, today’s weather is really great. At this level, it’s autumn. Autumn.

EG: There wasn’t any spare time in New York to have some fun?
YS: We were there for five days, that was the longest stay.
DW: We filmed for four days and only rested for one.
KK: Even though that, on that day, we did some shopping and roamed around the city freely.

EG: Due to the K-Pop wave, you guys are holding activities in various places around the world, which member has the best adaptability overseas? The one who fits in best with unfamiliar places, unfamiliar people.
DJ: I felt this in New York, but Dongwoon’s friendliness is really amazing. Especially since his English isn’t that great, probably because he looks like a foreigner/exotic?
YS: In New York, we filmed with the local part-timers/assistants. Was worried/scared if those people will approach us in English, but Dongwoon conversed well with them.
DW: Those people who came that day had lots of interest in Korean culture. So I told them, if they came to Korea, I’ll buy them SamGyeopSal and Soju.

EG: On the other hand, the member who had to struggle the most adapting overseas?
HS: Yoseob. He eats well, but he has difficulty adjusting to the time difference.
YS: That’s right. Whenever I go overseas, I tend get shocked awake/nightmares. It’s to the extent that I get afraid of sleeping.

EG: Is there a special reason for filming the music video overseas?
KK: We always have it shot on the set, this is the first time we are going on-location to shoot. It contains the streets of New York and the rooftop of the building, dividing over both day and night, and our relaxed/free/comfortable images. (T/N: This part is a little weird to put across. Sorry!)
DJ: Actually, to film a music video in New York, it’s not easy for any artiste. We plucked up lots of courage (to do this). It reflected lots of the members’ suggestions/thoughts. As compared to a man-made set, it seems to be a lot better to film in a place with great background.

EG: There are already spoilers pictures on the Internet?
KK: The world is definitely one. (laughs)
DW: There are some taken by the staffs who came to help us film, and since we were filming on the streets and had weird/special colored hair, there were others taking pictures of us as well.

EG: Since the comeback is nearing, your styling has changed. Especially hairstyle! Were the hairstyles your own ideas?
HS: I suggested my own red hair. Because I’ve never dyed my hair red.
JH: I tend to follow the head stylist’s suggestions. Everytime (there is an album) I’m the one with the most challenging hairstyle among the members, against my own wishes. It was a little scary this time too, as to how would the reactions turn out in the end.
- - -
EG: What do you think are the reasons that fans of the various countries like you for? Hyunseung, who we’ve met with last month, replied with “Honestly, I don’t know.”.
YS: It’s because of K-Pop. It’s ridiculous/impossible to say that we’ve claim (this all) solely based on our strengths/charms. K-Pop is receiving lots of love, Beast is within K-Pop and so we are receiving lots of attention as well.
DJ: It’s because of Yoseob. A large portion of our overseas fans are Yoseob’s fans.
HS: Actually, he would have wanted to say/tell of this on his own.
YS: No, no, n….o… ah. Yes. (laughs)

EG: Tomorrow (July 11th) is the 1000th day since Beast’s debut. How are you feeling?
DJ: Senior Lee Seung Hwan’s “For thousand days” comes to mind.
BEAST: -sings together- For thousand days~~
DW: It seems like time passed by really fast. When I debut, I was underage so I was the only one who couldn’t go to the club to perform. Somehow/suddenly I’ve turned 22. (T/N: Korean age.)
YS: A lot has happened. We have realised those things that we’ve said. (EG: That’s cool! What are those?) We’ve gotten first place on the main broadcasting station programmes, we’ve gotten daesang/top music award, we’ve held our concerts, we’ve also done a world tour. We’ve done all those that we’ve said we wanted to do. Especially the world tour, we didn’t know it would come true this soon. Got to be careful about what I say from now on. (laughs)

EG: The audience can only see Beast who is on stage, but in fact there were many assisting backstage. Looking back, who are the ones you’d like to thank the most?
DW: Our parents.
YS: Our families gave us lots of strength, our managers put in lots of hard work as well. There were lots of times that we whined and grumbled too.
DJ: We thank those who have put in hardwork for us, but in fact, the six of us have put in the most and tried our best. Got to acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged.
YS: Yes/Acknowledged!

EG: Having been together for a thousand days, can you understand each other through exchanging gazes? Or are do you still get surprised by different sides of the members?
DJ: Getting surprised by discovering something we didn’t know…. There hasn’t been any since 2 years ago. Just by looking at everyone’s expressions, we should know what they’re thinking of.
YS: Additionally, we think of the same things. Whenever we say something, most of the time, it’s just that one person says it earlier, but the rest are thinking of the same.

EG: Based on appearances, each has his own style/character, how did you develop such teamwork?
DJ: Yes, we’re really different. But we became similar, from our thoughts to our constitution/behaviour. Hyunseung became a little dirtier/messier, I became neater, it’s like we were fitting to reach an equilibrium. (laughs)
- - -
EG: But, won’t you want to have your own time, own secrets as well?
DW: Well, rather than having a secret to oneself, it’s more interesting if we share and talk about it together.
DJ: That’s right. If we talk about it together, we get thoughts that we wouldn’t have thought of.

EG: Is there a cheer that you guys do before going on stage?
DW: We put our hands together and say “Fighting!”
DJ: No matter which stage, we must do it. However, it must only be done once.
YS: We can’t do it twice. It will be jinxed.
KK: What’s amazing is that, once we do that, it gives us strength.
JH: What shall I say. It’s like picking out/extracting the gum.

EG: Do you express your feelings for each other well? Such as thank you, cherishing each other etc.
DJ: For guys, we do it a lot.
JH: We mainly do it through phone messenger. There’s a chatroom that all six of us are in.
DW: Even if we are in the same room or on the same car, we talk through the chatroom. It’s fun/interesting.

EG: Which is the proudest member with the latest gadget/appliance?
JH: Um…. I think it’s me. Actually, a new phone product came out and I couldn’t wait so I had it delivered here via express mail. Whenever something new is out, I feel like I need to get it. I don’t have the desire for other things; it’s just that I have an interest in gadgets.

EG: Gradually, don’t you think of investment?
YS: We still do not have much interest yet. Our finances are managed by our parents.
HS: Assets or finance. I do have a bit interest in property. Of course, money is not the most important thing while living, but it’s something that needs to be done in time.
JH: I’ve started a little stake in funds, if the results are good, I’ll let you know. (laughs)

EG: There are many new boy groups recently. Is there any group that you have your eyes on?
YS: Yes, there are more and more groups, to the extent that it’s a little awkward when we go to the music programmes.
JH: Rather than there is a group that appeals to us, the groups these days are really good. Makes me think that we need to continue working harder.

EG: Cube Entertainment’s artistes have increased. Are they fickle with money?
YS: What shall I say. It’s like we are the eldest son. It’ll be good if everyone does well soon.
DJ: So it’ll be good if they cared for us more (laughs). As compared to the time when we debut, BTOB has it much easier.
JH: That’s right. We were always the ones having to do it first, so whatever we do was difficult.
- - -
EG: When you get busy and more popular, there are things that you lose/neglect. Are there any things that you ponder regarding yourself or your family/friends?
DJ: I think we have slightly passed the period whereby we’ve pondered a lot. It was difficult until last year, and seem to have found the solution the best I could. If I can’t meet my friends, then I’ll get my friends to meet me where I am.
HS: I agree!
DW: To a certain extent, there’s a side where we’ve buried/numbed such feelings of loneliness and thoughts.
JH: When we are tired and busy, the ones we neglect the most are our families. Our parents are interested to know and so they ask this and that, because we are busy, we just give a brief answer. Although these days our parents are less worried as compared to the past.

EG: Curious as to how do each of you relieve stress or recharge yourself. How about Yoseob?
DJ: Like those housewives, watching lots of television.
YS: While thinking of Doojoon, play wild fighting/wrestling/boxing games too. (laughs) I’m the kind who gets stressed and reliefs stress easily. Somewhat quick-tempered.

EG: We heard that Junhyung usually spends his time making music.
JH: I don’t write music everyday. Well, if I rest, I rest in the production room. Watch television or play some games, and while playing/relaxing, when a good idea comes up, I’ll do some writing/production too. I tell the members to come over and let them listen to the music I’ve made, or let Yoseob record as a guide.
YS: I’m getting used. (laughs) Dongwoon likes Lego.
DW: Yes, I’m collecting Lego, and this trip to New York, I’ve bought one. I like making stuff. My mind doesn’t wander, and five or six hours just past.
YS: When he’s really concentrated, he looks happy.
DW: Lego or figurines, they’re always at that particular spot. Should I say, it seems like they’re watching over me? It calms my nerves/gives me a sense of peace. (KK: peace!)

EG: So how about Doojoon and Kikwang? Doojoon likes sports right?
DJ: Yes, I play soccer often, I’m interested in wrestling/boxing recently so I try out my skills on Yoseob.
YS: Cracking joints (into position). Trying things like Jiu-jitsu on me and asks if it’s painful. It’s painful even if the hand brushes/touches..
KK: No matter what I need to move. I feel suffocated if I’m indoors, so I’ll try to get out wherever. If I’ve no one to meet, I’ll watch varieties alone and laugh. I’m an Infinite Challenge fan.
JH: Perhaps that’s why Kikwang does well on varieties. The Kikwang we know is a quiet kid, but he speaks well on programmes.
DJ: He’s been a Win-Win MC for two years and counting. It’ll be good if he can continue being active in future.

EG: Tomorrow is Hyunseung’s first performance for the musical Mozart. Did you invite your members?
DJ: Yes. But it seems like we’ve seen the entire show. To the extent we can memorise the song.
YS: Hyunseung really practices a lot. He does it in the dorm, in the car..
HS: There’s even a time they chased me out of the dorm. Too noisy, they said.
YS: Tomorrow is the day he’ll show us how well he’s done/prepared, hope that he’ll do great.

EG: The end of July, it’s your comeback. Do you feel the stress/burden of having to stage an outstanding performance? Or otherwise, going with a relaxed/fun mind?
KK: Definitely, since it’s been a year and three months since this release. Be it the fans or the public, they do know Beast to a certain extent now. I think they’ll be curious as to what concept this group (us) will come back with. Because when I was another artiste’s fan, I had this mindset. It can be stressful thinking of the expectations of the fans or the public, although this time round the concept and style are new, it feels right/is suited for us, so I’m confident.

EG: If you were to give a hint about the music or the performance?
YS: The songs that we have up till now, we have always been the one left behind. We always were heartbroken. From the start, “are you really gonna throw me away?” to “Shock” that we received, this time round the mood is a little different. Please look forward to it.

EG: Through the concept this time round, what do you want to achieve the most?
HS: I want to show you how much we suffered in the US. (laughs)
JH: Of course, we would like to achieve great results, but more than that, we would like to be told that we are a team that does really well.
KK: It will be good to hear things like “Wow, this album is really cool”. Not only from our fans, but also fans of other artistes and other artistes themselves.
YS: Cool Beast! That’s the best. –heart–

Translated by xiangie0105 @ twitter
Shared by hyunseunghips @ twitter


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