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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

B.A.P Hallyu Pier - Another Story [TRANS]

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Hallyu Pier w/ B.A.P - Another Story

When asked, “A Japanese term you know or a phrase you like in Japanese?”
Himchan: “Okite kudasai (Wake up).” I sleep often during Japanese lessons…ㅋㅋAlso, “Aitai (I miss you).”
Zelo: “Hajimemashite douzo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you for the first time. Hope you’ll treat me well).”
Daehyun: “Oishii (Delicious).”
Jongup: “Peko peko. Onaka ga peko peko (Hungry. I’m hungry).”
Youngjae: “Gohan (Rice).”
Yongguk: “Konbini ikimasho! (Going to the local store!).” It’s because we only have small stores nearby our dorm.ㅋㅋ

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Himchan: I used to really like music since I was younger and I was originally studying traditional Korean music to major in it, but I also had interest in varieties and other genres so through being introduced to someone who worked in the industry, it was the beginning to starting up my path towards this career choice. In traditional Korean music, I played the drums. I’ve also collaborated with a Japanese shamisen artist as the school I attended was affiliated with a Japanese art academy. I’m still a student, but I’m currently taking a break.

Q4. Your flaw?
Himchan: You can see it right in my face and that’s being honest. Although I do think that I want to remain as an honest person, I just wish at times I can maintain a poker face. There are times where my emotions show exactly on my face.

Q5. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Himchan: (Thinkin, says in Japanese) Ah……nuna? (Huhk, is it nuna?) Ah, mom! I cook the best (In Korean). Because my mom is a chef, I can make anything, ranging from jjigae (stew) to fried rice, any basic foods. I’m a very family-oriented man.

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Jongup: I started dancing as a hobby when I was in my 1st year in middle school and I liked dancing, so I started off with a comfortable feeling but in that time, I ended up going on a big competition. At the time, in standing on stage, I was able to feel the charms of the stage and that’s how I chose this path. Right now, I’m going to an arts high school and I’ve been a trainee in the company for 1.5 years.

Q4. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Jongup: I would be the 2nd youngest son. Going according to the age ranking ㅋㅋ

Q5. What did you think when other members were having personal promotions prior to debut?
Jongup: I was in awe and glad in seeing Zelo promote despite him being just a child. My mood was lifted and my anticipation grew in being able to start B.A.P with such a member.

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Youngjae: There was a talent show on a school trip and at the time, the cheering of my peers was great when I sang on stage. That was how it all began. In order to make that dream on the stage become my job, I thought, “Let’s become a singer.” I raised my dreams of becoming a singer by starting up in studying music and I continued to fall for the charms of music and began to love it truly, raising my passions and eventually becoming a member of B.A.P. At first, I was preparing as a trainee for about a year under a different company but the debut didn’t seem to be nearing any time soon and I was introduced to our current company. It took roughly about a year to debut under the current company and there wasn’t much difficulty in my trainee days during this time. Aside from that, I was more pressured at the thought of being equipped with the precise talent or having apt personality which made me think, “I have to take responsibility.”

Q4. Your weaknesses and flaws?
Youngjae: Weaknesses? Hrm…weaknesses…I don’t have. (Oh~~! Everyone clap!) Flaw is…being slightly shy.

Q5. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Youngjae: Himchan hyung said that he thought he was the mom, but…I’m the mom. Himchan hyung is the cute and bright magnae. ㅋㅋ Yongguk hyung is the dad, I’m the mom, Daehyun is the eldest son as Jongup and Zelo are the youngest. Himchan is a child who doesn’t have a complete grasp of things and doesn’t have exact judgment. ㅋㅋ I watch over them all.

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Daehyun: I was watching TV when I was younger and I really wanted to become a singer. When declaring our majors for the appropriate high school, I thought, “I want to work my goal in becoming a singer” so I applied for applied music. Even after that, I went to a music academy and took up an audition for B.A.P and was qualified, leading me to become a member. I was practicing in the academy and I once entering the company, 6 months prior to our debut, I was the last member to join. That’s why up until debut, there was no time as I had a lot to do and I just tried my best. There wasn’t any time to be distressed or feel tired.

Q4. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Daehyun: I’d be the eldest son, Himchan hyung as the mom, Yongguk hyung as the dad, and although by age, I’m the eldest son but by the aura presented, I’m more of the middle son? (Youngjae said that he was the mom….ㅋㅋ) No, never. Of course, Youngjae has subtle, feministic features to him surely…….but he’s not the mom.ㅋㅋ

Q5. What did you think when other members were having personal promotions prior to debut?
Daehyun: I didn’t get jealous.ㅋㅋ They were promoting as a prelude to this team and I was cheering hard for them. If I were to do my solo promotions, I want to do a duet with a female vocal. I used to practice doing duets often at the academy I attended and I know the fun from it, so I want to try it out.

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Zelo: I was a kid who enjoyed coming home to play after school ended and when I came home, I’d either beatbox or dance in front of my mom’s dressing table mirror. One day, I found out there was a filming for a cable TV program nearby our house and my friend was apparently going to appear on it so I begged him by saying, “I’ll give you my gaming card so please let me appear too.” It was a secret from my mom though. I tossed my backpack when school ended and left the house without a word, but…..my mom wore sunglasses as she secretly followed me out, finding out to see her son dancing and rapping on stage..ㅋㅋSince then I raised my dreams of becoming a singer. I rapped and did beatboxing since 5th grade and I also started dancing officially then. I made my debut under the company in a year. (I saw your Youtube video of when you were in elementary school~) Ah~ ㅋㅋ That was when I was still young, so I had a lot of baby fat on my cheeks..ㅋㅋ

Q4. What is your advantage and disadvantage?
Zelo: Advantage is being young, but being able to do various things as I can even play an instrument. Disadvantage is severely sleep talking….. (Everyone’s been talking about it.ㅋㅋ Are you ever aware of it?) Yes…I am aware of it.

Q5. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Zelo: Just a cute magnae.ㅋㅋ A magnae who’s loved the hyungs.

Q3. How did you become a singer?
Yongguk: Going back to middle school, I was doing hip hop underground and as I became an adult, I was introduced by seniors of our company, Untouchable hyungs, to the company and I ended up joining. Since then, I was preparing for B.A.P and had the opportunity to do solo promotions then. I prepared for B.A.P for roughly a year but personally, I’ve prepared for debut for about 6 years.

Q4. Your advantages and disadvantages?
Yongguk: I think my advantage is having more experience in music than the other members, but the disadvantage is that I’m lacking in cuteness that the dongsengs hold…ㅋ (That’s not true. You’re cute!) Arigato gozaimasu (thank you) ㅋㅋ

Q5. What would be your role if B.A.P was a family?
Yongguk: I am the role of the “F. A. T. H. E. R.” ㅋㅋㅋ Among the members, I’m the oldest and I tend to be the one giving the dongsengs advice or talking to them about respect because I’m in the position to tell them things as well as teach them things, so that’s why I’m the father.

Q6. What is B.A.P’s charm that only they hold?
Yongguk: We’re a group with diverse charms, from cute to masculine, all the members hold the two. Is us being all blond a charm too?ㅋㅋ All the individual members of B.A.P having strong characters of their own is B.A.P’s charm.

CREDITS: YUMI @ TS-ASIAN (JAP to KOR) & HEODANG @ TUMBLR (KOR to ENG); do not repost on Tumblr, take out with full credits!

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