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U-KISS - Dear My Friend Album MP3 Download

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Music Bank in Paris w/ U-KISS + B2ST + SHINee + 2PM and Downloads

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We'll post up the entire show for the like of our audiences =) However, the download links are only availabl. There's also some bonus MP3 Downloads from the Special Stages!
Credits: monmonsnowSeason9 @ Youtube
Note: Some downloads are 1080p, we'll put credits on those since they're from a different uploader

Ariang Airport Introduction


Click On the first link to watch, and click on Download to download!

 Download all SHINee cuts 1080p (staywith923 @ Youtube) Requires HJ Split: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
[27] BEAST - Beautiful    Download 1080p(hong_02@ Youtube)
[30] Ending Download 1080p(hong_02@ Youtube)


  1. i cant download part 3 of SHINee's cuts, help ! ><

  2. U KISS is the best!!! thanks for the subbed...i like♥


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