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Monday, February 6, 2012

B.A.P Thank You Fans Messages Feb 2012 [ENG]

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I can still hear the resonating cheers at the B.A.P’s stage, see the many light sticks in the showcase site, and hear the ringing whistle in my ear. Maybe this is all because of the excitement I approached it with, but I am losing sleep as if I am still dreaming a happy dream. The excessive love I am receiving is unbelievable. Not only am I, but the other members, are also happily thinking it over and thanking [fans]…There were many twists and turns in the course, in which B.A.P woke up within this difficult course. In that course, our reliable members smiled and became a force. I am very proud and thankful as the leader for the many friends and younger siblings that patiently endured and starting the cool flying.
-Bang Yong Guk

Credits: Allkpop

Hello, this is Himchan.
I’m glad in being able to deliver my gratitude to you all this way.
First off, thank you to everyone who came to see B.A.P’s debut showcase.
I saw my Babies staying up all night from the day before the showcase when we were rehearsing, and I was really worried.
On the day of the showcase, when the showcase had started, seeing the 3,000+ light sticks, I thought that I was the happiest person more than anyone on Earth.
From the showcase to the first broadcast and meeting Babies~~~ In thinking of how all of these things will be awesome memories between the B.A.P members and Babies, I can’t help but form a smile on my face. Let’s make good memories continuously.
And although no one knows how the lives of all 6 members will be in the future, we will work hard in living like we do in always working hard and living right. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to live the road ahead of us with our babies?
I’ll remember, always.
Lastly, Babies! Remember when I said on a SNS that you have to be a Baby for hundreds and thousands of years? I hope you don’t forget…

Credits: heodang tumblr

Hello! This is Daehyun!
What I couldn't write in the album, finally I can write it here.
Although it's been some time since the showcase ended, I can still feel that day's heat (passion) and emotion in my body and heart.
That day, everyone's battle cry and applause, I can never forget for my whole life.
Especially! That whistle sound! I think it's really the best way for cheering for us. Goosebumps!
On B.A.P's showcase stage, able to be with so many BABY (fans), I think I can never be as happy as that.
Now, We are B.A.P!! In all the regular activities we have, we will dash into them!
Please always keep watch and cheer for us!!
We will put in our effort to show everyone our coolest image than you can imagine!
And lastly, BABY, thank you!!
We are B.A.P! We will work hard! Yes Sir!

Credits: Huiqi Karen @ facebook

Hello. After the showcase that seemed like a dream ended, I am now writing a thanks to.
January 28, our showcase. Whistle sounds and baby’s shouts, brightly shining light sticks. It was an amazing performance that I can’t forget any of them! Baby who made my dream come true!!! Thank you!
I remember the old times we practiced and worked hard to look better in front of Baby. Although we’re not perfect, I will try harder! (Fighting! haha)
We just started, so we will try to show you more sides of us you haven’t seen. Then we’ll be able to take over the world, right? Haha
I’m really happy because B.A.P is loved. But I’m a little selfish so I want more love (haha). We’ll work harder so cheer for us more! Thank you Baby for reading this.
I’ll be a more well-mannered and hard-working Youngjae. Lastly, we are B.A.P we’ll work hard Yes sir!

Credits: daehyun- tumblr

Hello! This is Jongup!
First off! Although it’s late, thank you sincerely to the fans who came to see the showcase~!
Despite it being our debut stage, seeing a lot of people come, I was really surprised.
The weather was cold too and I think you all endured through a lot in waiting since early in the morning. You were there even when we had rehearsals early in the morning…
When I stood on stage for the showcase, the many light sticks before my eyes and the sound of whistles…
It still feels like a dream.
Remembering that day makes me still flutter!
Because that was my first time standing on a stage so big, I had a lot of disappointing factors…
B!!!U!!!T!! From now on, I will work harder to show a better side to everyone!
I’ll always work efficiently till the end and will become an artist that will never lose his roots, so watch out for me till the very end!!
Thank you!
In regards, Jongup

Credits: heodang tumblr

Hello I’m Zelo. I couldn’t express myself usually so I’m writing this.
Although it’s late, thank you for coming to our showcase. Even though it was cold you guys came from far away and I got touched because you guys cheered for us for 1 hour. Before the showcase, I was worried but wow!! All 3000 seats taken, shaking lightsticks, and sounds of fans cheering made me realize that I was really an idol now. So I thought I should enjoy the stage as much as possible. When I watched performances of other singers when I was young, I thought “when would I be able to perform on stage?” but now that I’m a member of B.A.P, and had our very own showcase, I couldn’t feel that I was really on stage. B.A.P is starting now. I’ll be B.A.P’s Zelo who always try hard. 2012, Zelo.

Credits: daehyun- tumblr

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