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Saturday, February 11, 2012

B.A.P- Daehyun,Jongup Youngjae and Zelo [INTERVIEW: ENG] 120208

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Rookie group B.A.P’s Jongup, “Although my shoe fell off during the showcase, our performance was a hit!”

The one member who seemed shy at the mention of an interview, Jongup the innocent boy who seemed unfamiliar and shy about interviewing while the other members were answering fluently. He was the member we were able to sense his other charms outside of his strong image on stage.

When we asked him about how he felt about his debut, Jongup replied shortly “I’m really happy” with a tint of laughter following afterwards. Their marketing manager who sat beside him said, “He tends to get shy a lot~” in which Jongup silently smiled brightly as his response. However, he just tends to be shy but he knows how to speak about his thoughts.

He was in a dance club in middle school and since then, he’s raised his dreams of becoming a singer. “Going down that path, I went to competitions and I found myself enjoying the stage slowly. My greed for dancing grew bit by bit and in midst of it all, I was recruited on the streets and now I’m here today making my debut.” In seeing his eyes sparkle at the talk about dancing, the shy image we saw just before vanished.

Unlike other idols that made their debut recently, B.A.P has well developed, extravagant synchronization and a powerful dance, topping it off with their strengthening and appealing vocals, causing up quite a storm in the music industry. In order to maintain this perfection, they must have had shed blood for sweat, but wouldn’t this have been difficult for the still young boy?

“If it’s difficult, it’s difficult but I was truly happy. Practicing altogether till late in the night until we fall asleep exhausted, although that may have worn us out physically, I was happy. I’m very thankful for being able to even do what I want to do.” Although he’s young, seeing himself speak maturely shows a hidden charisma we felt from him.

On January 28th, B.A.P opened their first showcase at the Seoul Jangchung Stadium and 3,000 seats were filled on this day, making B.A.P realize their popularity. However, there was a small episode on this day of the performance that seemed almost too perfect.

“My shoe fell off during the performance. You don’t know how shocked I was but I kept dancing as if nothing was wrong and thankfully the performance was successful. Sigh, I was shocked for a moment and you don’t know how relieved I was.” Because he was too nervous at the time and reflecting over his mistake, he wants to show an even more perfected performance in the future.

What makes B.A.P different amongst the other plethora of idols? When asked this question, Jongup replied that is was their masculinity. “Lately there are a lot of male idols who are cute or pretty, but we differ from other groups with our masculine charms. Even our title song is very rough and masculine. I really like the dance also and I’m trying to be more masculine myself.”

B.A.P’s photo shoot and interview that ended past 12AM, it was very fun for us. The members scarily ate away their hunger during the snacks provided even if the time was late. Also, they’d dance if fun music was played and joke around with one another, maintaining the comfortable and fun atmosphere of the photo shoot.

“The relationships between the members are really well. Rather than saying someone is specifically close to another, we all depend on and take care of one another. Another charm of B.A.P is our close friendship.” Jongup is a very innocent-minded person who knows how to always feel gratuity to his members for being with him.

When asked about his ideal, he said that it’s someone who he “likes the moment I see them.” That was the answer. “I really like someone who I see and exchange that vibe with them. Ideals are just ideals~” When asked to pick a celebrity close to his ideal, he thought for a long while but he couldn’t think of one so Jongup just smiled. Seeing Jongup act his age of a young and fresh 18 year old was cute.

B.A.P who wants to show a lot more, and also Jongup. We hope that his wish of their name being known widely in 2012 comes true as the results follow suit with how much they’ve endured. We conclude the interview with B.A.P who is a good group. We really think B.A.P will rise!


[INTERVIEW] Rookie Group B.A.P’s Daehyun. “The joy I felt at our first showcase, I will never forget”

The charismatic group B.A.P doesn’t seem like a rookie group and has gained enormous popularity with their debut. With powerful choreography and compelling vocals, each of the six’s members appeals were received in the music industry at one point.

Attempting to conquer the music industry that is overfilling with a number of idols, B.A.P is really swamped with their busy schedule. Probably exhausted from having had schedules since the morning, but instead the six members came into the studio with an energetic greeting.

Among them, not looking too young and with an appealing dark voice, we met the team’s vocal Daehyun. Calm throughout the interview and also speaking coherently, he seemed more thoughtful and careful than his peers.

“I heard you go by “Busan wonbin?” When the interviewr asked this jokingly, he met eyes with fellow member Youngjae, and made a little embarassed sound. The 20 year old gave an innocent impression.

In the year 2012, he came of age and at the same time fufilled his dream of debuting. “Truthfully, I don’t mind. Everyday goes by too fast. Even the showcase seemed like it passed by hectically as well. But we’ve worked really hard up to this point and because of the amount of people cheering us on and enjoying it I feel as if we successfully finished. I’m happy everyday now.”

He says his dream of becoming a singer grew when he was younger while watching DBSK seniors. “I liked singing and dancing. Now that I’m able to do what I enjoy doing I think I’m a very happy person” he tells us as we feel his deliberation and a sense of calm.

Life of being in the entertainment industry must be different from those of peers of the same age, having to give up as much as you can to get a lot out of it. “Since I’ve become so busy it’s become hard to contact people. It’s regretful that I’ve become distant with my friends” having to spend close to 10 hours a day practicing and living in a dorm, Daehyun feels apologetic to his friends.

“But in order to do what I really enjoy and want to do, I think that this is the part that I have to really endure. The challenges that come with reaching your own goals and dreams is the part you have to face” he tells us like an adult.

B.A.P are living in a dorm. With 6 men living together, we thought there would be no day that is peaceful and quiet. “Everday seems like a variety show (laughs)” Daehyun laughs jokingly as he gives a thumbs up. “I wake up earliest and wake up the other memebers. The memebrs are in a tired state and they talk in their sleep or talk to each other in their sleep. Especially maknae Zelo is really cute and funny (laughs). But there’s so much more than that. There’s really not a day that is not enjoyable (laughs).”

Daehyun feels that together the members give him great willpower and strength. He always looks determined but we wondered if could there have been hard times while practicing up to now. “I think right now might be the hardest time. We became so busy our practice time has been really reduced. So we should be embracing ourselves more. To not make mistakes and perform perfectly practice is very important but we really don’t have time, so we try hard to cheer and strengthen each other on.”

The sincere answers of each of the BAP members definately matched their popularity and the love they were receiving felt like a natural result.

Now that he is twenty years of age, the age of wanting to date, who could be his idela woman? “Like Shin SaimDang, I like women with sweet images. Speaking of dating, the images of Ha Jiwon-shi or Lee Jia-shi would be it… but it’s tough to express in words (laughs)” Daehyun avoids answering the interviewer’s inquiry if Ha Jiwon-shi or Lee Jia-shi’s sexy and charismatic images is his ideal. The 20 year old seemed like the most mature member.

He says he’ll never forget the feeling he had seeing the packed audience of their Showcase. With expressing his hopes that they will futher develop their appearance, we concluded our interview. Like what we could feel in their gazes, BAP hopes 2012 will contain more of their music for their fans. We look forward to seeing them succeeding.

TRANS by: kitty-kwon @ tumblr / daehyunswarrior @ BAP UNIVERSE

[INTERVIEW] Rookie Group B.A.P’s Youngjae. “The sweet love of the fans is my life’s driving force”

“Hello, my name is Youngjae” The charming voice of Youngjae. Our first impression was “his voice is so nice!”.  It was hard to believe that he is 20, with his mature appearance, and he seemed like quite an alright person. 
Youngjae, a triple threath with his dancing, singing, and appearance, is rookie idol group B.A.P’s vocals. B.A.P’s debut received much love and is recognized as the most notable rookie this year. In the center is Youngjae. He has the history of placing first at JYP auditions, one of our country’s top three agencies.  
“I was spending my trainee days at JYP. By chance I met the  B.A.P members. I think it was a really good opportunity for me. I met such great memebrs and even debuted like this (laughs)” Youngjae says even after the debut, it still feels like a dream. ”everyday I feel like I’m dreaming. When will I wake up from this dream? (laughs) It doesn’t feel like reality yet, if I became a singer, if that’s me that’s on television everything is like a dream” He laughs and looks truly happy and I laughed along with him. 
Youngjae says that while training, he and Daehyun who are the same age became very close. He says as they are the same age, they could reply on each other and get along comfortably. Truthfully, during Daehyun’s interview, the two often made eye contact and smiled and were joking with each other, appearing very close. 
He was a child who loved to sing since he was little. As a result, he naturally acquired the dream to become a singer. And was happy in the time he spent preparing to be a singer.  But before debuting, there were also hard times. 
“It was the most difficult while recording the title track “Warroir”. It was different from the music I was thinking of. So I was in a slump trying to express feelings through it. Yongguk hyung and Daehyun-ee beside me really gave me strength. I was really thankful.” Doing all their activities together the members feel as if they are a family now. When going through a tough time, the members give him the greatest strength, he says with a smile. 
Youngjae knew what he had to give up in order to become a singer. “Of course walking along the streets freely with my friends, or dating, college life and living an ordinary life I knew I had to give up. It is a bit saddening but I think it’s alright if you gain as much as you lose. But being able to sing the songs I love I am truly happy.” He says this in a way that we could tell he sincerely loved music. 
He says his dream is to create music for his fans to listen to in the future. Sincerely communicating with fans through music is his goal as a signer, he firmly said. He is still a rookie that has just started but is a singer with clear goals and dreams. 
What kind of woman does find attractive? We asked him his ideal woman. “Honestly I don’t have a set ideal type in mind. I like the character played by Kang Sora-shi in the recent film ”Sunny”. After I watched the movie for a period of time I looked up Kang Sora-shii (laughs)” Youngjae seems to like distinct and dignified styles (?).
Finding it still fascinating to see fans who come to to deliver citron tea directly and to cheer for him, and so thankful for them, is the pure twenty year old boy Youngjae. 
“I’m given strength thanks to the fans who came to our performances to cheer for us and am reminded that I must try my hardest. I’m so thankful, please give us lots of love. In turn I’ll  work a harder.” 
As they move forward, BAP’s goal is to create good music for people to listen to. With the story of how his future hope is to see the day his music will shake the hearts of his fans, we concluded our interview with Youngjae.
Source: BNTNEWS 
Trans: kitty-kwon.tumblr.com / daehyunswarrior @ BAP Universe

[INTERVIEW] Rookie group B.A.P’s Zelo “Even if I can’t date, the love from our fans is sufficient”

A boy with a face that could have been the main character from an innocent anime approached. With yellow wavy hair, a pale face and big eyes I was reminded of a young prince. The cutest one from the new group B.A.P, it is maknae Zelo.
At their fancafe or music shows, when their fans recognize and cheer B.A.P on, he truly feels that they are loved. “Sometimes I check out the posts that fans put on blogs. Through this I can learn what the fans really liked in which aspect and because I am able to feel the hearts of our fans, I am truly happy.”
We wondered if the very young maknae would rather be able to allowed to play (T/N: as in fool around). “The aspect of school life and meeting with friends is something I have to give up. In order to achieve my dreams, I think of this as inevitable. I’m mainly a fan of my hyungs who I’m close with. And in the future as we continue our activities I want to get to know and become close with artists my age” he says, revealing his thoughts.
Like the others, Zelo says B.A.P’s charm is their distinct appearance. Each of the members on the team were actively involved while working on their album and tryied to show their individual colours. Because of that, they were able to release a great album and in the future, with more effort and by working harder, he hopes to show even better performances.
Unlike those who are of similar age as him, Zelo seems reliable and able to express himself freely. Embarrassed from the compliment he says while laughing “It must be because of my height” and we could feel his innocence. “Even though I am younger than the fans, please call me “oppa” (laughs). People tell me I am mature for my age. I’m thankful for those who see me in that way.’
He told us that the member he was closest to is Jongup. “Of course we are all close but I’m very close with Jongup hyung. I’m our team’s youngest member, but me and Jongup hyung both do maknae things together. If i did it alone, I think it would have been hard but doing it together is really fun. With the two of us chatting and contemplating our worries together, I think we have grown really close.”
In elementary school everyone dreamed of one day becoming an entertainer, and Zelo was one of them. He tells that his other dream was to become a soccer player, but during elementary school he became more interested in music and he started to train to become a singer.
While trying to become a singer, his parents seriously objected to it. We wondered how he was able to convince his parents. “I was living in the Mokpo area, and I was able to sing the opening song for our local cable broadcast. I skipped my tutoring and went and lined up for a contest, but I guess my parents secretly followed me. Yet my parents understood how I felt and gave me their consent. The participation fee was 20 thousand won yet my parents paid it all (laughs).”
Zelo has had a long trainee life for his young age. “At our current agency I prepared for one year, and at other places where I’ve been at I prepared for about five years. My house is in Mokpo, which is far away, so I had to take a round trip to Seoul every time. Thinking back to it now, I really don’t know how I endured it but back then it really wasn’t that difficult. I was learning how to dream and it made me happy that I could continue to dream. Of course, because everything I did back then was so crazy I think that’s how I became a member of B.A.P”
Although he is still young, we still asked him about his ideal type. “I like smart girls. Good at areas where I’m weak at. Recently, people who can speak english well, I find them as impressive. And I like a person who looks pretty when smiling.”
He doesn’t know yet because hasn’t dated anyone yet, Zelo shyly confesses. The love he receives from fans is sufficient he says smiling.
“We’ve got a long way to go. Not hastily, I want to go at a modest pace.” He says. Zelo reveals his aspirations is of wanting to gain popularity for his rapping as well as his mania dancing. While looking out for the image that he says he will put much efforts into, we also look forward to B.A.P’s future

Trans: kitty-kwon @ tumblr / daehyunswarrior @ BAP UNIVERSE 


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