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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Translated from screencaps/comments that “knocks me out” posted on her blog. We were not able to find the video that goes with it. I invite everyone to please see her entries for the screencaps. (notes) are in relation to the video and [notes] are from me. Enjoy!

Translation by: @UKISS_JapanENG / jibunrock@tumblr
Blog entries found by: @modueca / modueca@tumblr
Original by: knocks me out @ webry ([1] / [2] / [3] / [4])

1) Introduce yourself in 10 seconds! (About their special skills)

Hoon: Tae Kwon Do.
Kevin: English.
Dongho: Chinese. (All 3 up to now ran out of time and panicked.)
Kiseop: Dance. (Dances a bit because he has time but Soohyun wants him to talk more.)
Soohyun: Songs. If you speak about singing… (Wanted to say more but ran out of time and Eli laughs like crazy at him.)
AJ: Raps that he wrote. (Had problems expressing himself, ran out of time and hugs Soohyun.)
Eli: Animal imitations. (Does an elephant sound.)

Soohyun thinks this was hard to do.

2) Tell us what’s the “best” thing about yourself!

Hoon: Soohyun says it’s his body. Kevin says he has a lot of muscles and a big/strong chest. Everyone is touching him, AJ thinks this is kind of perverted.
Kevin: He’s the prettiest, as said by Soohyun. Kevin thinks that being “cool” type would be better but Soohyun prefers “pretty” type. Soohyun asks him to show us his “pretty” aspects, so he does “Moe moe~” [cute thing to do in Japan] and ends up too embarassed.
Dongho: He sleeps for a very long time, as said by Kevin. Soohyun thinks there’s nothing good about that. Kevin says it’s not a really good thing but it’s the best/longest thing he can do. Dongho apologizes for not being able to do anything else.
Kiseop: Hoon says he’s the coolest but his face is…. (everyone laughs at this point) Soohyun says it’s because his heart is pure. Kiseop has no comments about that, but confirms that he’s strange.
AJ: Soohyun says he’s the smartest. He writes songs and lyrics all by himself. AJ is happy about that and says he’ll keep doing his best.
Eli: Kevin says Eli is the one who can eat the fastest. Dongho says Eli doesn’t eat food, he pretty much DRINKS food, that’s how fast he eats. Eli is so shocked that he can’t say anything.
Soohyun: Hoon says Soohyun likes girls. Soohyun doesn’t like where this is going, tells Hoon to stop because he’s wrong, says he only loves all of the fans and complains that everyone is mean.

3) Somewhere you like or somewhere you want to go in Japan?

Hoon: Likes Tsutenkaku (landmark tower in Osaka). He thinks the scenery is pretty but very scary!
Kevin: Likes Dotonbori (famous downtown street in Osaka), because there’s a lot of different food.
Dongho: Likes Osaka Castle. He only got to see it from outside once when they went biking in Japan.
Kiseop: Likes Sapporo. He really was surprised at how delicious the misoc ramen was.
Soohyun: Wants to go to Okinawa (southern islands in Japan.) Everyone agrees with him. He wants to go to the sea.
AJ: Wants to go to Tokyo Tower. He’s already seen it but he never went inside it.
Eli: Wants to go to a hot spring. He likes it when he goes there and his body feels warm on the bottom and cold on the top.

4) YES or NO!?

Q1: Do you arrange your date plans?
YES: Hoon, Kiseop, AJ.
NO: Soohyun, Eli, Kevin, Dongho.

AJ: I’m an extremely specific person. [I’m not sure how to say this in English! It’s like someone who really follows a set plan?]
Kiseop: Me too.
Eli: He thinks differently. During the date, he’ll evaluate the situation and quickly think of what would be good to do.
AJ: (Suddenly) We both think of Hawaii.
Eli: Hawaii?
Hoon: I wanna go to Hawaii!

Q2: If you see a girl crying, does it make you automatically forgive her?
YES: Hoon, Dongho, Kiseop, Eli.
NO: Soohyun, AJ, Kevin.

Hoon: It makes me really worried if a girl cries.
Soohyun: That’s wrong. Girls can fake cry too, when they did something wrong.
Hoon: Please trust girls!
Dongho: Please trust them!
Soohyun: Watch out from bad girls!
Hoon: Dangerous!?
Soohyun: I only trust the fans!
Everyone in the YES section: ME TOO ME TOO ME TOOOOO~

Q3: You have a secret that you haven’t told the members.
YES: Hoon, AJ, Eli.
NO: Kiseop, Soohyun, Kevin, Dongho.

Soohyun: The 3 of you aren’t our family because you’re hiding secrets.
Hoon: Then, I’m fine with telling you my secret now. When I was a kid… (THE STAFF OMITTED IT)
AJ: Since you told it, you’re family now.
(Hoon changes sides)
Eli & AJ are ~secretive~
AJ: No comment (on the secret)
Eli: A secret is a secret.

Q4: Prefer to be with members than alone.

YES: Kevin, Hoon, Kiseop, Soohyun, Dongho.
NO: Eli, AJ. (AJ started laughing because he ended up with Eli again)

AJ: After all, I feel at peace when I’m alone.
Eli: I can reduce my stress a bit.
Soohyun: What are you talking about! You feel stressed when you’re with us?
Dongho: Aren’t we family!
Soohyun: Dongho, what are you doing right now? (Dongho has one foot on each side of YES/NO). WHA- WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
Hoon: Why you doing that! (Osaka dialect)
Dongho: I like both (alone/together).
AJ: He thinks like me so, Dongho you’re over here.
Kevin: It’s fun when we’re all together.
Dongho: (Runs back) After all, we’re familyyy~
Eli: (Runs to the other side) Me too!
Hoon: I feel bad for you…

In the end, they made up and became a happy 7 member family.

5) Talking about “Tick Tack”

Hoon: The song has sad lyrics, so we sing it with a sad feeling.
Kevin: The dance is nice too, so please check that out too!

6) What about Japanese was hard for you?

Dongho: Since I haven’t rapped in Japanese a lot up to now, it was hard.
Kiseop: And, also, pronounciation was hard. [Korean speakers tend to have problems with t/d, s/z and such in Japanese]
Kevin: Sa Shi Su Se So (pronouncing sylabbles in Japanese)
Hoon: Za Ji Zu Ze Zo. Ta Chi Tsu Te To?
Soohyun & Dongho: We’ll do our best!

7) What’s the highlight of the dance?

Kevin: The highlight is the leg dance. At first, our bodies huuuu~rt.
Hoon: But now, we’re perfect.

8) What are your plans for your activities…?

All: Country wide tour!
Soohyun: Our tour starts in March, since we prepared a lot of different stages and events, everyone, please come in great number!
Kevin: I’m looking forward to it~
Soohyun: Since we’re always working hard, please support us.

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