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Saturday, January 7, 2012

K-Music Box Collection

For those who need some soothing before going to sleep at night, or some relaxation to loosen up their minds from long essays.These peaceful tunes carry magical powers that can bring a smile to your face =)

Music Box Remakes of songs from your favorite artists collected from various users. Only the artists listed in blog will be posted here. Deepest thanks to the original makers. Enjoy!

Latest addition:

Big Bang -Bad Boy [MP3]

Big Bang -Blue [MP3]

Big Bang - Cafe (Loop)  [MP3]

Big Bang - Haru Haru   [MP3]

Big Bang - Lies  [MP3]

Big Bang - Love Song   [MP3]

Big Bang - My Heaven   [MP3]

Big Bang - Tonight   [MP3]

Big Bang - Wedding Dress[Taeyang]   [MP3]

B2ST -   Because of You    [MP3]

B2ST -   Beautiful   [MP3]

B2ST -  Friction    [MP3]    Version 2:Friction [MP3]

B2ST -  I Like You    [MP3

B2ST - Trouble Maker [Hyunseung]   [MP3]

NFINITE -    Amazing   [MP3]

NFINITE -   Be Mine   [MP3]

NFINITE -   Before The Dawn   [MP3]

NFINITE -  Can You Smile  [MP3]

NFINITE -  Cover Girl  [MP3]

NFINITE -   Crying   [MP3]

INFINITE - Because[Sungyu]  [MP3]

INFINITE - Paradise   [MP3]

INFINITE - Tic Toc   [MP3]

INFINITE - White Confession    [MP3]

SHINee - Hello    [MP3Prelude [MP3]

SHINee - Juliette [MP3

SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss   [MP3

SHINee - Lucifer  [MP3

SHINee - Stand By Me  [MP3

SHINee - Replay/Noona So Pretty  [MP3

U-KISS -   Neverland    [MP3]

U-KISS -    Someday    [MP3]

U-KISS -    Take Me Away    [MP3Version 2:  [MP3]

U-KISS -    Tick Tack    [MP3]

U-KISS -    What/Mworago    [MP3]

U-KISS -   0330    [MP3]   Version 2:   [MP3]



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