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Thursday, December 22, 2011

SHINee- Japanese Magazine MAQUIA 2011 PICS + Interview

Read Interview :

Image source : TONGHYUN@Soompi

Cute. (But) not just that!
The five’s radiance that are making this era.
To quote Jonghyun, “A man’s sexiness, that’s the nuance I wanted to give”.
Standing in front of the camera while letting loose with the sex appeal of their natural stances, their cool mature expressions are bewitching.
Known for their trendsetting, ability to dress well is also gains them a perfect score.
But, the second they hear “The shoot is OK”, they start singing and dancing and playing around to the background music, watching each other’s photos on the monitor and shouting… this cute gap is also their charm.


“I’m often told I’m too cheerful” [1]
I’m (the type of person who) even if something bad happens I’ll soon switch moods so even if I’m feeling down I don’t slip into a bad mood. I often say “If I sleep for one night I’ll get back on my feet”, but, I totally forget even before I fall asleep. The members often half fed-up say, “You’re too cheerful”. (laugh)
I think this about me is charming, I’m a guy who doesn’t make excuses. I think someone who’s a good sport [1]is cool.

[1] 潔い can be interpreted as manly, but, in this case it means gracious.


It’s important for a person to believe that “I can do it”
Doing this work, there are a lot things that are important, but, the one thing I keep in mind is believing that I can do this. At times when standing in public, you can cross over walls if you possess self-confidence. After that, it’s health management. What do I think is attractive for a man? Hmm, I guess someone that’s attentive(/considerate) and then someone that’s good at caring (for other). I want to be able to say I’m this type of person!


The sight of the (fans) singing with us was moving!
This year, we accomplished our wish of debuting in Japan, were able to have our first album release as well, it was a full year. Among this was what moved me was SMTOWNLIVE (Joint live show for those attached to the company) at Tokyo Dome.
The guests singing our songs together with us brought a lump to my throat. [1]
A man that thinks he’s wonderful, that’s not me (laugh). I’m a frank honest person guy.

[1] literally chest became hot.


As a group, I want us to continue to change.
“How can we shape the (image)[2] that we’re aiming for?”, we’re always thinking about this. What are the trends right now, What sort of aspect can we show that’s fresh? This includes fashion and hairstyles, etc. So that SHINee’s image isn’t fixed, we include everyone’s ideas.
We were finally able to cut a start in Japan. We’ll work our hardest so that everyone can knows more about us.

[2] literally it says world-view


On deciding a goal, it’s straight to it!
I think the words I dread hearing [3] each time is “Ah, Thank god” [4]. Because it’s truly heavy hearing the words of people who are worrying about you.
If I could be told so much as “When (you) decide on a goal, (you) head to it like a race horse”, I’m think someone who thinks that someone who decides on something and heads straight to it is cool, so I’d be really happy if someone told me that.
I long to be a man who carries out his words.

[3] Lit. “ears hurt.”
[4] Not as in “You should be thankful” but more in a “thank goodness I thought you had died in that plane crash” sort of way.

Source : Baidu // Translation : CrissAn

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