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Thursday, October 27, 2011

U-KISS Fun Facts


-his speciality is soccer and trot.
-his hobby is watching anime/manga.
-his ideal type is lee minjung. he said he used to search up her name all the time and rewatch parts of “boys over flowers” for her. he wants to meet her.
-his nickname is “boom hyung”.

-SooHyun’s favorite color is RED.
-he was voted unanimously as member with most power.
-he was also voted as member with most “kkab” (energy, kind of annoyingness)
-he was also voted as member with the most dating experience. (his first reaction: “why me??”) he said he hasn’t really dated since debut because he is so busy but he had some experience from school days.

-his specialty is dance and taekwondo.
-his hobby is taking selcas right after showering. the MCs then showed the selca of kevin and kiseop in bathrobes together. he said he uploaded the pics because fans wanted to see.
-his ideal type is forever goo hyesun. he thinks she’s super cute.
-his nickname is kiseoppie.
-Kiseop wants to be a programer.

-Kiseop is Buddhist, everyone else in Ukiss is Christian.
-KiSeop's favorite color is BLACK.
-he was voted best looking by all the members except for himself and dongho (who chose eli). 

-Eli wants to be a Hollywood actor someday.
-Eli eats the most.
-Eli’s favorite color is PURPLE.
-Eli prefers well-mannered girls. -his specialty is taekwondo.
-his talent/hobby is making animal sounds.
-his ideal girl is someone who is tall and has a very very prominent S line (is very curvy). he states that he really likes hyunyoung noona who fits this description pretty well.
-his nickname is pigeon. 

-his speciality is drinking from a soda can. he does this cool trick where he squeezes it and drinks it in a straight line. the MCs thought he meant soda like from a soda bottle so they brought it on the show and AJ was like “nooo, i can only do it with a can!”. this is aj doing it back in his paran days! (cr: fiona @ luvabolic for the gif)

-his ideal lady is joomee park. she’s a noona. he’s watched her since he was young.
-his nickname is multiplayer.
-he said his skin has gotten worse since his time in paran.
-he was voted member with highest IQ 

-his hobby/speciality is exercising and doing leisure sports.
-he says he breaks all the exercise equipment.
-he always has to work out. if they are at a hotel and don’t have a fitness room, he works out using chairs and pillows.
-his unusual habit is going “mung~” this is a korean term for like spacing out.
-his ideal type is jiyeon from t-ara. he wrote her name like this “ji…yeon…t-…ara..” he says he likes cute girls like her and says her voice as a lot of emotion when she sings. kevin thought this was funny and said “what? like ‘roooooly pooooly~~?’”


-his unusual habit is eating slowly.
-his talent is english, singing, and guitar.
-his ideal girl is sandara park. he says she’s cute and his style.
-his nickname is “smiley kid”.
-the manager often gets mad at him because he takes time to wave to all his fans one-by-one even though they are super busy.
-he was kind of sad he lost his first kiss on stage (in his musical “on air”). he said truthfully it was kind of awkward.
-Kevin hugs his teddy bear while sleeping.
-Kevin likes blue.
-Kevin really likes girls with soft hands.

-Kevin never had a girlfriend.
-Kevin is said to be the most emotional member in the group.
-kevin was voted most popular with fans. he gets a lot of gifts from oversees fans too.
Dongho-his speciality is sports. he plays baseball, soccer, and golf.
-his hobby is knitting. he said during car rides, he would feel sick/get headaches doing computer or phone so he decided to pick up knitting. he has made scarves, gloves, etc.
-his bad habit is biting his nails.
-Dongho likes to eat meat.
-Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.
-his nickname is “dongblebee” a mix of dongho and bumblebee.
-he was really embarrassed watching his “mean guy” role in his first movie “villain on the 2nd floor”. all of the members were making fun of his line “you wore this when you were young!!!”
-he will be in a movie called “don’t cry mama” soon which is a thriller type and even had parts with fake blood over his body, etc.
-Dongho and IU are good friends ( IU is Dongho's ideal type, that's all there is )
-DongHo made up words on the word STUPID: Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID in his own way.
-he has grown around 5, 6 cm since debut.
-he was voted trickiest member. 


-Everyone in Ukiss is free to date.
-U-KISS loves dancing to SNSD’s songs.
-U-KISS feels small when they are around other kPop idols who are more ahead of them.
-“My wish is for U-KISS to be number one.” — Eli.
-“My wish is for my supporters to give me more love.” — Kevin.

-the dance from Neverland has officially been named the “Nanta dance”. nanta is like a popular korean musical type thing. this is an example of cooking nanta, starting around 1:16.
-this is the heights and weights they listed themselves (it varies a bit from the information on their actual homepage, i think they are being more truthful here ^^;;) top row is height in cm and bottom row is weight in kg. it is in birthorder… so soohyun, kiseop, eli, aj, hoon, kevin, dongho.

Credit : Mnet


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