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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

U-KISS Showbiz Korea Interview (Sleeping Habits) [ENG]

U-KISS members worked hard on the set to make the MV "Neverland". After each scene, the members get to monitor their shots, and pick what looks best. With high expectation on this album, they make sure the cuts are perfect.
Shin Dongho stated that he has hurt his knees several days before, yet, coated his pain with a furious and charismatic performance.
After their release of 0330, U-KISS has been most active in Japan, and froze their activities in Korea, for this comeback, they planned to change from their "sensitive" theme in 0330 to a "manly" concept for "Neverland"
They talked about their journey in Japan and how everything has impacted them.

On set, they revealed each others sleeping habits:

Dongho sleeps like a dead person, and refuses to wake up. When he finally wakes, he could not remember anything, even if the members tried to wake him up for 30 minutes.

Soohyun tends to sleep walk, ending up in other places, yet, could not remember if he has moved during the night .

Their comeback stage will be held on September 8, 2011 without Eli, due to his recent knee injury

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